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GET TO KNOW ME → favorite female characters [2/5] » Felicity Smoak

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Roy Harper Appreciation Week || Day 2: Funny Moment

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Congratulations, “Arrow” fandom! Oliver and company survived Round 3 against “Supernatural” with more than 54 percent of the votes. Now, it’s on to Round 4 where we face off against “The Walking Dead” fandom. Vote here in Zap2It’s Fandom Wars (click on Genre tab).

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Looking for Arrow Blogs


Reblog this is Olicity is your OTP, you have a near-unhealthy attachement to Diggle and Oliver Queen is your spirit animal. I will follow the shit out of you. That is all. 

Thanks.  :) 

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Guys, we beat Supernatural.That’s massive.Give yourselves a pat on the back!

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So my new license plate came… 

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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Arrow and More...


This week’s Spoiler Chat on Arrow isn’t really a spoiler, more of a general tease.  I read it and thought… 

Did someone say Romance?

Time for Oliver and Felicity fans to hit E!’s comment section and let them know they want one of those romances to be Oliver and Felicity, and you want it to last.

You can also reply to their tweet about this week’s column here.  You can add E! to the tweet with their handle @Eonline

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    Emma: I’ll take anything you’ve got on Arrow.
There’s going to be a lot of the S-word in Starling City this year. Which S-word exactly? Sex, baby! “They’ve amped up the romance,” Colton Haynes teased. “It’s a little more sexual this year. A lot more new characters, new romances, and also a lot more heart.”
— E!Online spoilers, Colton Haynes on Arrow season 3! OMFG!!!!!!!! It better be some Olicity sex this season!!!! If not I will kill Colton for raising up my hopes. (via aguscha333)
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Barista!Oliver who is a barista by day, vigilante by night, and secretly pines for the beautiful IT girl who always comes in for coffee every morning.  

(Maybe she’d make a great partner who could help him fight crime at night. It’s something he always imagines in his head.)

(Until one day… He spills a latte on her laptop.)

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Don’t forget!  Arrow: Unthinkable airs again TONIGHT at 8 ET/7C and Stephen Amell will be Live Tweeting along with the show.

It’s a great episode.  Lots of awesome action, fabulous, strong Felicity, and who can forget all those amazing #Olicity moments?  Such a great ep for them.

If you’re around, come watch & tweet Live! and don’t forget to use the #Olicity hashtag

Not on Twitter?  This is the perfect time to join.  It only takes a few seconds and you have hours before the show starts to do it.  Twitter’s another great, fun place to find and chat with fellow Olicity fans, not to mention follow Emily, Stephen, and the Arrow Writers, take part in Olicity Trends, etc.  Plus, with twitter activity now being calculated for ratings, now’s a terrific time to jump in and help support #Arrow and #Olicity.